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Self-portrait, Albrecht Durer, 1498

Self-portrait, Albrecht Durer, 1498

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Self-portrait - Albrecht Durer. 52x41

Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) - one of the founders of Northern Renaissance art, a German painter, draftsman, engraver, art theorist. The views of the Italian humanists, who determined the artist’s desire to study the monuments of antiquity, had a huge impact on Dürer.

Before us is one of the artist's earliest self-portraits. Dürer portrayed himself in a light three-quarter perspective against the background of a window, beyond which an endless landscape is visible. The figure occupies the entire canvas, the pose is calm, the look is concentrated, the light from the window illuminates the face, beautifully laid hair, hands, and an elegant suit. A light brown cloak wrapped in a twisted cord is thrown over his shoulder, and thin leather gloves are on his hands. On a shaded wall below the window level you can read in German: “I wrote it from myself. I was twenty six years old. Albrecht Durer ».

With this inscription, Dürer declares himself as an independent artist-creator. In Germany at that time he was still regarded as a craftsman, which was absolutely unacceptable for a painter who realized the scale of his talent. In the self-portrait we see a person with a complex spiritual organization, demonstrating his involvement in the chosen artistic world, who sacredly believes in the artist’s high mission.

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