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Nativity of Christ, Federico Barocci, 1597

Nativity of Christ, Federico Barocci, 1597

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Nativity of Christ - Federico Barocci. 134x105

Barocci (1535-1612) inherited the artistic skill from his father - the sculptor, uncle - the architect and great-grandfather - the famous Milanese sculptor. Barocci formed in the Roman circle of followers of Raphael, is a painter of the late mannerism era.

"Nativity" stands among the wonderful paintings of Barocci on a religious plot. The master gives the church painting the immediacy of emotional impact. In the background of the canvas, St. Joseph opens the door to the shepherds, but this detail only emphasizes the proximity of the Mother of God and the baby to the viewer. The image of Mary is pretty and graceful; her face, shrouded in a peculiar haze of chiaroscuro, seems to be puppet. The pillow and bright coverlet, pink and saffron robes of the Virgin sparkle in the light coming not from outside, but from the baby Christ. Spectacular cold colors and black and white contrasts, the master demonstrates his unique style, anticipating the proto-bar trends.

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