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Portrait of State Lady Izmailova, Antropov - description

Portrait of State Lady Izmailova, Antropov - description

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Portrait of State Lady A. 44.5x57.2

A. A kind of exam for him was precisely the portrait of the state lady Anastasia Mikhailovna Izmailova, nee Naryshkina. The work was very popular with the then-fashionable Italian portrait painter P. Rotari, who spoke very flatteringly about it. This brought Antropov fame.

Anastasia Mikhailovna was the closest friend and distant relative of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. Bright large facial features give out a strong and domineering nature of the heroine. She is full of dignity, with a look through her confidence and calmness, a pose restrained and stately. The coloristic solution of the canvas, built on a sonorous and contrasting combination of pink, blue and white, gives the portrait an enhanced decorative effect. The author does not seek to penetrate into the inner world of his model, he only carefully studies the features of her face, and through them shows an authoritative and strong-willed nature. Antropov also notes the status of the model: on the chest of Izmailova there is a brooch with a portrait of Elizabeth Petrovna, studded with diamonds, which indicates the personal location of the empress to her court lady.

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