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Lady in the Garden of St. Address, Claude Monet, 1867

Lady in the Garden of St. Address, Claude Monet, 1867

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The lady in the garden of St. Address is Claude Monet. 82x101

Claude Monet (1840-1926) - French painter of the second half of the XIX century, one of the founders of the direction of impressionism in art. In his works, he sought to capture the uniqueness and variability of nature in a certain time period. Monet's work is diverse, but his favorite theme was landscapes, which were entirely created in the open air.

«Lady in the Garden of Saint Address"Refers to the early works of Monet, in which he liked to portray people against the backdrop of a summer landscape. The artist sought to make the human figure a part of nature, that is, one whole, to surround it with light and air. The painter perfectly conveyed the feeling of a bright sunny day, under his brush the petals of blossoming flowers burn, a white outfit of a woman shines, green grass shimmers and sways. In the impressionist palette of the master, there are exceptionally pure and clear colors. The composition of the picture is not accidental, it is extremely thought out in order to further enhance the sense of naturalness of the landscape motif captured on canvas.

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