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Museum "Spanish Village", Spain, Barcelona


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A truly magnificent museum. Barcelona residents were thrilled when it opened in 1927 Museum "Spanish Village". Moreover, some designs are made in full size. Here are copies of all the famous buildings in Spain.

In the "Spanish village" there are more than 100 buildings (these are palaces, various churches, houses). By the way, the “Spanish village” became the progenitor of such museums. Some time after its construction, a "Swiss village" appeared in Switzerland, and the "village of the Pharaohs" added to the collection of museums in Egypt.

It should be noted that museum visitors can get acquainted not only with the huge buildings of all of Spain, but also with various products from different times and different regions of Spain.

Often organizes various concerts on the territory of the museum, which sometimes even end with a festive dinner. In the "Spanish village" is very fun and joyful. There are always a lot of people who admire the beauties of Spanish masters.

Also, every day anyone can get a master class from professional artisans. Here you can learn the art of blowing glass, and bring home a “made by hand” vase. You can try making clay pots using a potter’s wheel, and even draw. You can really have a good time there, and even purchase very valuable handmade products that cannot be found in any museum in the world.

On the territory of the "Spanish village" there are two exhibitions. The first is devoted to folk art, and the second to graphic art. But many tourists call the Pueblo Espanyol itself (the Spanish village) a real work of art.

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