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Mutter Medical History Museum, Philadelphia, USA

Mutter Medical History Museum, Philadelphia, USA

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In Philadelphia is one of the most unique museums in the world - Mutter Medical History Museum. It is also called the Museum of Anomalies.

The history of this museum dates back to 1750. Opened it Benjamin Franklin. Well, the museum began to operate and function in full force only in 1858. Many tourists from all over the world come here to see these terrifying exhibits.

Previously, the museum building housed the College of Medicine College of Philadelphia. After the board of trustees bought it in it, classes soon began. It was planned to make a biological collection at the university, so that students put on various experiments.

One of the most famous exhibits of the museum is the corpse of a woman who turned into soap in the place where she was buried. An impressive collection of human skulls, of which the museum has 48 pieces. Also here you can see the human intestines, which is 12 and a half meters.

Personality Garry Eastlak very famous in medical circles. This man suffered from a strange disease, as a result of which a new limb grew up in the place where he had a bruise. Before his death, he arbitrarily gave his body as a gift to the museum. He was then 40 years old. The museum presents photographs of a man where various growths in the form of limbs are visible on his arms and legs.

You will also find other equally famous personalities at the Mutter Medical History Museum. Before you go there, it is better to think a few times, because this sight is not for the faint of heart. Many people compare this museum with the St. Petersburg Kunstkamera.

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