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Academy Gallery - Venice. Gallery description and address

Academy Gallery - Venice. Gallery description and address

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Many museums in Italy are famous not only for the works of art stored in them, but also because the museum buildings themselves often represent amazing historical and cultural monuments of bygone eras. One such case is the Venetian Academy Gallery, or, as it is also called, the Museum of the Academy.

Academy of Fine Arts was founded in Venice at the end of the XVIII century. For several decades, the picturesque building of the former church, located in the gardens of San Marco, has become a place for young people to learn the arts of architecture, painting and sculpture. However, soon its bright halls were given over to the museum, while the art school was transferred by decree of Napoleon to its current building. Since then, the museum’s funds have been constantly expanding, and today the Academy Gallery in Venice is rightfully proud of the collection that the leading art museums of Florence, Rome and Milan can envy.

Among those presented in Academy Museum there are works by Titian, Canaletto, Giorgione, Venetiano, Bellini and many other famous masters of the 13th-18th centuries. Initially, the collection, assembled surprisingly quickly thanks to donations from patrons, occupied only five rooms and looked rather modest, but in the XIX-XX centuries. the museum has undergone a number of reconstructions, and today it has at its disposal 24 exhibition halls. There is practically no strict system (chronological or thematic) in placing paintings on the walls of the Gallery, which can confuse the visitor somewhat, but at the same time gives the museum a peculiar charm and poetic atmosphere.

Since access to the museum is limited, getting into it is quite difficult - there are almost always impressive lines in front of the entrance. However, the Gallery’s unique art collection is worth any wait, because Venice is, among other things, its richest art history, the old city, seen through the eyes of the great artists who lived and worked in it.

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