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Fresco of the Baptism of Christ, Pietro Perugino

Fresco of the Baptism of Christ, Pietro Perugino

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Baptism of Christ - Pietro Perugino. 348.5x570

Among the several masters invited by the pope to paint the Sistine Chapel was Pietro Perugino. On the north wall, the picturesque frieze of which is dedicated to scenes from the life of Christ, two frescoes by this artist have been preserved (three works were on the altar wall, but were destroyed by order of Pope Paul III to make way for the Last Judgment by Michelangelo). One of them is “Baptism,” one of his students, possibly Pinturicchio, who painted some of the figures and the landscape, helped Perugino work on it.

Perugino depicted Christ standing in water, John the Baptist on a stone, and above - God the Father with angels. The painting of the head of the Umbrian art school was notable for its softness and harmony, beautiful poses and gestures of the characters, a smooth, roundish composition of paintings. For example, all the secondary participants in the depicted scene - those who look at the baptism of Christ and listen to the sermons of Jesus and John in the distance - although they stand in diverse, laid-back poses, they form arcs diverging left and right. A subtle pattern of bodies, draperies, the Jordan River and mountains is combined with soft, rich and deep colors, which are painted in fresco: yellow, red, blue, olive.

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