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Picking Flowers, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1875

Picking Flowers, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1875

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Flower picking - Pierre Auguste Renoir. 54.3x65.2

This work of Renoir involuntarily evokes memories of spring and sun, the smell of flowers in the garden and youth. The picture consists of bright strokes that add up to the images of a lady and a young man, in roses, flowering bushes and grass. The painter creates a mystical sense of the relationship between man and nature, as if they are one. Despite the fact that the scene is sort of shrouded in haze, the figures of the characters and their actions are correctly guessed. In the garden, a conversation takes place between lovers, the lady is slightly removed, while the young man, tearing off a flower, tries to insist on his own, this is eloquently indicated by his gesture - a hand resting on one side. Renoir loved the delicate, pastel colors - pink, blue, green - perhaps this is the influence of porcelain painting, which he worked in his youth. The artist’s paintings always have a lot of sun and light, they are filled with the breath of life.

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