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Atomic Leda, Dali, 1949

Atomic Leda, Dali, 1949

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Atomic Leda - Salvador Dali. 1949

After the explosion of the atomic bomb in 1945, Dali became interested in the physical nature of the atom, the particles of which, as you know, do not touch each other. Dali was particularly struck by this fact: from his youth he did not tolerate physical contacts with anyone and made an exception only for Gala. The similarity of their own sensations and the structure of the atom surprised him.

On the same principle, the master built a composition "Atomic Ice" (1949, Gala Salvador Dali Foundation, Figueres), in which nothing touches each other.

Leda - This is the wife of the Spartan king Tyndareus. Thunderer Zeus, struck by her beauty, appeared before her in the form of a swan on the Eurotus River and took possession of it. After that, Leda gave birth to twin heroes - Kastor and Polydevka and daughter - Elena the Beautiful. The plot of the copulation of Zeus with Leda was used in their now lost works by the great da Vinci and Michelangelo.

In the image of the Spartan queen, of course, Gala. In general, Dali considered himself to be a divine brother and sister with his wife, but here she personifies his mother (Dali correlated himself and his dead brother with Castor and Polydevka).

Regarding the land not touching the land of the sea, the author wrote: “So, in my opinion, one of the myths about the union of the divine and the animal and vice versa is projected onto the plane of imagination”

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