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Portrait of Serena Lederer, Gustav Klimt, 1899

Portrait of Serena Lederer, Gustav Klimt, 1899

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Portrait of Serena Lederer, Gustav Klimt, 1899

In 1899, Klimt wrote "Portrait of Serena Lederer". The neutral background does not tie the lady to any setting and thereby gives the impression of the timelessness of her being. A light white dress made of flowing fabric complements this dreamy look. In the general pastel palette, the black-haired head of a young woman with bright facial features stands out sharply.

The amazing power of Klimt's portrait lies in part in the combination of realism in the interpretation of the face and a special manner of transmitting tissue, which ceases to be material and textured and becomes like some kind of ephemeral substance. The finest matter hugs the legs of the heroine, like a light wave. And it seems that Serena is not standing on the ground, but as if born or embodied from silk jets (the absence of free space between her figure and the lower edge of the picture also contributes to the creation of this impression).

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