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Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki, Japan

Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki, Japan

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Everyone knows about the tragedy that occurred on August 9, 1945 in Japan, when the US armed forces dropped an atomic bomb on this city. Today we will talk about the atomic bomb museum.

It should be noted that the first museum building was built back in 1945, and the modern museum opened only in 1996. The opening was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the bombing of the city.

Getting into the museum halls, you will feel some kind of spiritual anxiety, it is almost always quiet here. The exposition begins with the various remaining pieces of the city that are presented on the stands. Going down the rounded stairs you will immediately notice a huge string of cranes, which has become a symbol of the life of the Japanese. By the way, when leaving the museum, you can take a paper crane for memory.

The main exhibit of the museum of the atomic bomb is considered life-size model of this very bomb. Once in the hall where this exhibit is located, you will hear how the clock goes. But the clock constantly shows the same time - 11:02. It was at that moment that the bomb touched the land of Nagasaki. Here you can also see a sectional view of the bomb model.

The exposition of the museum tells visitors about the history of the creation of nuclear weapons in general, there are various photographs and even videos, personal items of people affected by the explosion.

As you approach the exit from the museum, visitors will find themselves in Atomic Bombing Victims Memorial Hall. The hall, frankly, is creepy. In it, along the perimeter, there are shops where you can sit, think about the meaning of life. There are 13 tall columns in the hall. In one of them lists of victims of the tragedy are stored.

The Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki is a sad museum. After visiting him, I feel uneasy at heart, but despite this, I definitely need to visit him. Entrance cost about 5 dollars.

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