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Bag Museum in Amsterdam, Holland

Bag Museum in Amsterdam, Holland

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Amsterdam is a city with a uniquely high density of museums, where it is never boring. In addition to the main attractions of Amsterdam (which you should have already met on our website), deserves special attention bag museum, which is one of three museums in the world of a similar direction.

As the name implies, this truly unique museum presents a collection of historical handbags, wallets and suitcases, many of which date back to the late Middle Ages, including also products of our day, with more than 4000 exhibits, making it the largest bag museum.

It all started with a tortoiseshell wallet with mother-of-pearl finish dating from 1820, which became interested in Hendrikie Ivo, who traded in antiques. Interested in the history of the handbag, she set out to explore the history of the find, laying the foundation for a collection that has been replenished over 35 years.

Coin pursesBag box

New exhibits fell into Hendrickier’s hands in a variety of ways: shopping at flea markets, European boutiques, from auction sales, some handbags were gifts from friends and acquaintances.

Small bags on shelvesA few suitcasesModern bags

Soon, the rapidly expanding collection of Hendrikier Ivo decided to show the public. For this purpose, two halls of the villa in Amstelveen were originally used, the area of ​​which very soon became scarce, forcing to look for a new place for the museum, and since 2007 it has been located in a magnificent house on Heerengracht - one of the most prestigious canals in Amsterdam.

Bag - coffee setChocolate bag

Today, the Bag Museum is a serious institution with an impressive exposition, representing unique collection bags, both small ones that were used for coins or keys, due to the fact that there were no pockets on clothes, and large ones that performed more of a decorative function.

Shoe bagBinocular bag

In addition to the main historical collection, the museum also holds thematic exhibitions, which present the products of famous designers. Young designers also get a chance to present the results of their work to a large audience. In addition, visitors are given the opportunity to visit workshops or a store where you can easily pick up a handbag from one of the leading designers or a souvenir in memory of the museum, which can be a book with color photographs of the bags presented in the museum.

Handbag shield to protect against villains =)Fancy Boat Bag

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