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Bible Museum in Amsterdam

Bible Museum in Amsterdam

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Bible museum was founded in 1975. These buildings are also called Krohmaut.

The museum keeps a collection of Bibles and even the oldest folio printed in the Netherlands in 1477, and also has the first publication of the Dutch confirmed version of 1637. There are many other Bibles created in the 16th-18th centuries. The museum also has a reproduction of the original scroll from the Qumran finds, with the contents of the Book of Isaiah, which was found on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Separate finds of archaeologists, ancient Egyptian artifacts that were collected by Leendert Schouten in the XIX century, are also stored in the Museum of the Bible. Judging by the pottery, oil lamps, clay tables and coins, one can judge how the ancient Egyptians lived.

In the museum you can also see models of the temples of Solomon and Herod and religious objects of the Judeo-Christian rite. The museum also has a popular tabernacle mock-up made in the 19th century. It contained the Ark of the Ark with which the people of Israel walked in the wilderness after Moses. The museum building is very ancient, therefore it is an architectural and historical merit of Amsterdam.

The cost of tickets is low. About 6 euros for adults, 3 euros for children.

Watch the video: the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (June 2022).


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