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The Samara Museum "Children's Art Gallery" is located in the estate complex of the merchant Ivan Andreevich Klodt. The house is made in the eclectic style and many guests and residents of Samara resemble a fabulous house or castle.

Inside the mansion are the exhibition halls of the museum. Each exhibition, and there have already been more than 400, adapted for children, contains an interactive, educational program. With the help of art, a child learns the world around him, aesthetically develops. In support of exhibition activities, the museum has workshops on drawing, painting, architecture and other forms of art.

In addition to internal activities, the museum conducts active external activities: it takes part in city festivals, exhibition projects, and social programs. Every day, museum employees develop new technologies in museum pedagogy, new ways of developing and promoting the museum as a means and point of communication.

Museum "Children's Art Gallery" - the author of unique projects. Such as the "Exclusive Dolls of the Klodt Mansion", the annual opening of the fountain on June 1, and others.

First of all, the Children's Gallery was created for a child-spectator, a child-artist. And she submits all her activities to the disclosure of these two potentials within each child.

t. 332-43-98, 332-20-67

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