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Portrait of Ida Rubinstein, Valentin Serov, 1910

Portrait of Ida Rubinstein, Valentin Serov, 1910

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Portrait of Ida Rubinstein - Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov. 233x147

Like a living fresco of old Italian masters, the famous dancer Ida Rubinstein looks from a portrait of Serov’s brush. Unnaturally straight lines of arms, legs, back - violate the academic canons of painting, but emphasize the subtlety and grace of the model. The perspective in the picture is also broken, so the figure of the dancer really merges with the wall. Serov even deliberately enhances this impression by choosing the same color for the body and background. The intricate hairstyle of the ballerina resembles a halo. A turn of the head, a complex and, at the same time, very harmonious posture is a link to the works of Renaissance masters.

The overall impression of the portrait develops gradually, after studying the details and accessories. A refined embodiment of exquisite beauty, reclining on a purple-blue bed. A green scarf encircling a flirty leg forms a kind of frame on the bed, the frame of the model.

In an amazing way, using the aesthetics of modern art, Serov delicately reveals the image of Ida Rubinstein, her artistic nature, simulated sadness and light, barely noticeable irony ...

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