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Nubian Museum, Aswan

Nubian Museum, Aswan

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The history of this museum began in the early 60s. As a result of the active work of UNESCO and the financial participation of European countries, numerous expeditions in a relatively short time were able to not only discover, but also transport hundreds of thousands of invaluable evidence of the history and culture of ancient Nubia to a safe place. The museum itself was opened only in the late 90s, becoming one of the richest collections of Egyptian antiquities.


For the building design and interior design, the authors received a prestigious award. Around the museum there is a picturesque park, which, by design, should serve as a decoration for many exhibits, however, the open part of the exhibition is still in its infancy.


The exposition of the Nubian Museum in Aswan tells about the history of the region from ancient times to the present day. The collections are divided into several parts: prehistoric times, the ancient Egyptian period, the Roman period, Christianity, the Islamic period, our time.

Prehistoric times

The collection of this part of the exposition acquaints visitors with the Stone Age in the territory of Nubia, as well as the beginning of the era of metals. Cave paintings, primitive cookware made from shells of ostrich eggs, stone vessels, many primitive tools, arrowheads, as well as simple devices for grinding minerals (ancient cosmetics).

Ancient Egypt

The collection of local artifacts was supplemented by exhibits from the Cairo Museum, and were also brought here from Luxor and Karnak. Funeral masks, sculpture, a lot of dishes, precious amulets, samples of ritual painting. This section of the museum is particularly rich and diverse.

Roman period

The late sarcophagi of the Egyptian tradition, antique sculptural finds, as well as a large collection of artifacts telling about the presence of the ubiquitous Romans in Nubia.


The remains of ancient frescoes, sacred objects, prayer books - a collection of exhibits related to Christianity in Nubia, will be an opening for every visitor to the museum.

Islamic period

Beautifully preserved colorful vessels, clothing, religious paraphernalia. The safety of the exhibits is associated with an unusually dry climate.

Modern nubia

In this section of the museum, the most interesting are the dioramas that introduce visitors to the daily life of local residents several decades ago. In addition, in the halls are placed products of artisans and jewelers of Nubia.

The museum is open in the morning and in the evening (9.00 - 13.00, 17.00 - 21.00). The break is very long due to the heat. Admission - 20 egyptian poundsthat less than half the euro. Finding a museum is very simple. In Aswan, the quite popular Basma Hotel is located. Just beyond this hotel is the Nubian Museum.

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