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Departure of the Queen of Sheba, Claude Lorrain, 1648

Departure of the Queen of Sheba, Claude Lorrain, 1648

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Departure of the Queen of Sheba - Claude Lorren. 149x196 cm

The master of the "nonexistent" metaphysical landscape, the idealist and subtle esthetician Claude Lorren, fully embodied his rare gift in the painting with the "conditional" title "Departure of the Queen of Sheba."

The work was written to order, on a topic defined by the customer himself. However, the world got a masterpiece, where, like a living, the blue-green sea splashes, sparkling with a mirror surface and dissolving into the distance of a serene blue sky. Through the haze of translucent clouds, a radiant sun descends beyond the horizon, filling everything around with a golden amber light.

People in the foreground of the picture are working on loading the sailing ship "Queen of Sheba." A few high-ranking passengers of the sailboat, accompanied by the retinue, went to the embankment for sailing. The majestic architectural buildings in the Roman style are impeccably inscribed by the master in the landscape and thereby enhance its unreal beauty. Everything is airy and beautiful here, everything is harmonious and everything is in its place: every brush stroke, every glaze (transparent layer of paint). Before us, without a doubt, is the best landscape of Lorrain.

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